Saturday, March 28, 2009

Recipe for disaster

"Twinkle twinkle little star,
How you wonder what you are...
And once you know what you are...
Mental Hospital is not so far...."

But mental hospitals, are, well, kind of limiting. I mean, the inmates (such as myself), do have immense potential, but the authorities seldom allow them the liberty to express their creativity.

Hence, I choose this blog to be my stage, to share with the netizens all the er....creative stuff that's cooked up in my head from time to time, and also some of the stuff told, forwarded, and otherwise expressed to me by my other worthy peers.

Read at your own risk, and if you are offended, feel free to send me a death threat.


  1. Do not think like this....
    In this moment mood for some live music this weekend? The stars have aligned and options are plentiful in this small kolkata town on this spring weekend.

  2. Hmm .. How long this will last I wonder :) to bodh hoi sesh sei 2005 e update hoechilo. Maybe this blog has already seen its last post :D

  3. @ Avik: No, I plan to post on this more often than that. Eventually I will link this with

  4. gr8 work ....

    here's one :

    99 little bugs in the code,
    99 bugs in the code,
    Fix one bug, compile it again,
    101 little bugs in the code.
    101 little bugs in the code,
    101 bugs in the code,
    Fix one bug, compile it again,
    103 little bugs in the code.

  5. umm did a coconut fall from the sky and made you rite this?

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  7. Get to work and quit playing around with this blog thingy...